Match Making Services

Whether you have used another matchmaker and had no results or you tried online dating without success, I can help you find the one you are looking for because I do it the traditional way.


 My name is Natasha; I do this service on my own. I don't have a big company or a large dating team. I do match making in the old fashion way.

  • I am Not a "Dating Agency”, I do my work in a Real, Old Fashion Matchmaking style.
  • I help you find a Ukrainian Bride. I also provide support services for you after you have found your Ukrainian woman.
  • I don’t have a huge list of Ukrainian girls claiming they are waiting for you. I simply take your requirements and then make my search in the city.
  • I ask the old women in the average Ukrainian neighborhoods, I ask university girls and regular working women and take their referrals.
  • If you found this page, then you already know about Ukrainian women and you are well aware of what you are looking for.
  • This process takes time. Patience is the key here. I take the stress out of you in this process.
  • I usually start with few introductory meetings then build an understanding of my client, my services will cost $700.
  • There are hundreds of sites out there all offering instant access to beautiful Russian/Ukrainian women, this site is not one of them.
  • I believe the only way to perform real marriage matchmaking between two people is to know both people involved on a personal level.


If you are serious about your search, you must visit Ukraine and introduce yourself in person to the girls. I also want to meet you and be sure the girls will be well taken care of by a serious man looking to build a family.


  • I don’t deal with the scammers, the Ukrainian girls who are simply looking for a ticket to the West, the spoiled girls, and the trouble-makers.
  • There are some really nice, honest, and sincere Ukrainian girls here.
  • I take marriage and family seriously. I don't like to deal with time wasters or pleasure tourists.
  • I started this work 2 years ago, I had 37 serious clients since then, 21 clients got married through me. I am proud of my success rate.
  • I will help you in every step of the way on your journey to find your Ukrainian bride. I do not offer the "hype" you will find on other sites. I do not have fancy search engines.
  • I spend my time working with my clients to make sure they find a decent bride for marriage.


Send me an email or call me at +380 99 633 0012.

Please, only if you are serious about this.